Oi Polloi Presents: Workware Heritage 

Fresh out of Hong Kong, Workware Heritage Clothing Company delivers the military goods. 

Just when you thought there was a world shortage of military clothing, Hong Kong’s Workware Heritage Clothing Company steps in with a kill streak care package full to the brim of parkas, smocks, pullovers and pants. 

Workware looks like someone stole Nigel Cabourn’s secret design journal and made it slightly more minimalist. Is that good or bad? Well, that’s a preference thing. 

With design details like reversible linings that offer the sumptuous choice between twill or taffeta and take inspiration from B-52 bomber pilots, as well as salty seadog-infused USN shawl jackets.

Workware’s approach is both serious and rustic, with old-world charm filtered through tough and resistant khaki.

See the range at Oi Polloi.

Workware Heritage Clothing Company at Oi Polloi.

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