Yeti – for the Oldman and the Young

What the word Yeti means to you depends on where you live, how old you are and how into cult British films you are. If it’s the latter then you’ll get the title of this post and you’ll already be re-enacting a vicious assault on a pillow.

It works both as a reference to one of our finest acting exports and the fact Yeti the brand does appeal to all ages. Seemingly arriving from nowhere less than a couple of years ago, it’s fair to assume its rise in popularity owes more than a little to the UK’s newfound embracing of the outdoors. The strong branding, memorable name (whatever it means to you) and fitness for purpose of their gear makes them a bit of a rising star in all the best shops.

Parasol have as extensive a selection you’ll find anywhere in the UK, so whether it’s your tentative steps back into the wildnerness as Spring starts to er… spring, or you’re planning for your summer road trip and fancy something to keep everything cool in, Yeti are a problem solver, extraordinaire.

See more Yeti at Parasol.

Mark Smith

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