YMC Giraffe Loopback Sweat

Gimme and alligator print sweatshirt…. and make it snappy!

That’s what I’d say if I went to Brighton tomorrow and went in Peggs and Son. And this is what they’d give me.

I like Brighton. It’s like Stockport would be if it was Brighton. I wish Stockport was Brighton. I’d keep the viaduct though. Imagine how much nicer the view would be.

What was I talking about? Oh, YMC clothes. Look, you don’t need me to create some whimsical back story to this do you? Look at the pictures, enjoy the fact that the brand is called YouMustCreate, making it the only brand I can think of (at the moment) that imparts sage advice every time it prints its name on something. If I must create anything, it’d be a nice beach, pebbles or otherwise, on my doorstep. Like Brighton.





Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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