2nd Academic’s new Shaggy Dog jumpers

2nd Academic is a retailer with a discerning eye for garments of quality and character. It embodies classic sensibilities of how to dress well; primarily using iconic Musicians, Athletes and Writers from the latter half of the 20th century as inspiration for its styling and selection. The contemporary take on the Black Ivy League style is executed with the upmost understanding and finesse.

A key component of the aforementioned Ivy League style is a well made jumper. In homage to this, 2nd Academic have worked on four stunning colourways of a Shetland Wool ‘Shaggy Dog’ crewneck with Scottish wool experts Harley.

Harley have been making this particular type of 100% pure Shetland wool jumper in northern Scotland since the 1970s. The style is called a ”Shaggy Dog” because the wool’s surface is raised by scratching it with the thorn of a thistle (Scotland’s national flower) to create a layer of air, which is said to add warmth and gives it the appearance of a fluffy muku dog.

2nd Academic’s take consists of four suave colour combinations presented in block stripes. The names of the colours carry the same essence of class seen in the jumpers themselves, namely Starlight Blue/Clover, Fauna/Tusk, Coffee/Newame and Bordeaux/Nugget and as always with such complimenting tones, it’s hard to pick a favourite.

Head over to the 2nd Academic website to have a look for yourself…

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