5 Keenly Priced Autumn/Winter Jackets

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Yeah, we get it, the kids all need new uniforms, you’re barely back in the black after spending too much on Sangrias and sunglasses with little umbrellas on them. The last thing you want to be doing is dropping half a bag of sand on a substantial winter jacket. Wait at least another month for that. For now, your appetite can be sated with something like the five we’ve chosen below. We’ll come back to this again when your winter blues kick in. 

1. The North Face Mens Trevail Hoodie Arrowwood Yellow/Asphalt Grey (£200 from Grants1856)
Lightweight and down-filled, this is the kind of thing TNF have always excelled at. It’s like something a Star Wars baddie would climb a smallish mountain in too, which can only be a good thing.

2. Barbour Cowl Quilt in Olive (Oi Polloi £179)

See, this somehow tiptoes the tightrope between country estate and council estate ((c) Neil Summers). It does that though doesn’t it, Barbour. Equally at home whether draped over a chinless, unfeasibly tall fella who eats loudly or a malnourished city-dweller who looks like a Victorian drayman. 

3. Dickies Smithfield Jacket in Gold and Orange (Working Class Heroes, £60)

A classic “My Mrs nicked it on a night out and got foundation all on the neck” jacket this. But for £60 it’s a no brainer. Great, lightweight and ideal for those evenings out when you’re gonna spent roughly 11 minutes walking to and from the Uber pickup point and the rest of the time in a sweaty pub. 

4. Albam Hooded Parka – Burnt Orange (Peggs and Son, £179)

Albam 11 years old this year. The years fly by don’t they? They’ve always done colours really well, Albam have. Yellows and oranges. Your apple greens and so on and so forth. I sound like a painter and decorator with an encyclopedic knowledge of paint colour names. Have Albam ever done a nice hooded smother in Sumptuous Plum, Rose Trellis or Moroccan Velvet? Probably. This one is burnt orange anyway. It’s nice isn’t it?

5. Patagonia Mens Torrentshell Pullover Jacket (The Sporting Lodge, £100)

Just in time to break the predictable pattern of brightly coloured jackets, here comes… wait… Patagonia? Well, they might be known for their vibrant hues but they do muted tones just as well. This is ideal for when you’re feeling a little bit sad but you’re not ready to give up on wearing matching socks just yet. Good for walking the dog when you can barely muster an “Alright?” to fellow canine owners. Perfect for the winter blues.

I had pizza for tea.

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