adidas Originals Tobacco

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I’ve gone though some trainers in my time, hundreds and hundreds of them I reckon, from all the big names as well as some pretty obscure ones too. Of all the shoes I’ve loved before the adidas Tobacco will always have a place in my heart. Though born in the 1970s it’s got a classic design that defies the ravages of time, hype and anything else that gets in the way of just being a truly great looking shoe. Those highly respected sneakerologists over at Wellgosh have the suave suede sports shoe scene fully locked down as they too are a fans of the snout named sneaker.  If you pop over to their ace shop in Leicester or their equally ace site here you’ll see that they’ve got a new pair of Tobaccos in stock. Made from a rough suede and in a nude, neutral ‘ash pea / cardboard’ colourway these gum soled beauties will go with anything you care to match them up with as well as making you look like an iconic 1970s face, be that Bob Marley, David Bowie or Ollie Reed depending on your overall ‘vibe’. Personally I’m more of an Ollie Reed man myself but I’m pretty sure that he wore tobaccos too.

Buy a pair of adidas Originals Tobacco from Wellgosh here.


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