adidas Skateboarding Adi Ease Premiere ‘Away Days’


Prior to the release of their full-length,jaw-dropping, skate film ‘Away Days’  adidas Skateboarding  have also made a premium version of the adi-Ease that shares the film’s name and couldn’t be any moe more summery unless it came with a free Calippo and a yellow sun-visor with ‘Hey everyone it’s summer!’ written on it. Despite the shoe’s strong skate-boarding credentials and it’s football-y name these Away Days actually put me in mind of ace old-school tennis shoes, especially with their lime green stripes and erm..detachable  knuckle dusters. OK maybe not the knuckle dusters but you get my point, if you get a pair of these Wimbledon-esque wonders that you won’t be taking them off for the rest of the year or at least until it starts snowing.

Buy yourself the feel good shoe of the summer from Working Class Heroes here.







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