Adsum 2017/18 home jersey by Adidas

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If we sat down and drew-up a 100-point checklist of things we love about menswear, Adsum would get a tick in every box. They might be North East inspired, whilst we’re North West but it seems to flip-round over the Atlantic and they create clobber, images and ideas that just totally ‘get it’. We love them basically.

They also get it by being bang into football…and in my mind they call it ‘football’ not ‘soccer’…and playing their regular matches in this absolutely superb white kit. Made from what used to be known in the North West as ‘Tea-bag fabric’, it’s ventilated to let the air in and keep players as cool as the shirt looks (Umbro made similar kits for England in the Mexico World Cup in 1986).

There are quite a few white jerseys making the list this season but Adsum’s is right up there at the top of that list. The rest of the teams in the Brooklyn league might as well give up now as the Adsum squad undoubtedly have the talent to match these shirts so the upcoming league campaign will be a stroll in the park for Macnee, Rice and the rest of the team (Looking at the last photo on this page they also seem to have signed Juan Mata from Man United so that’ll give them an edge).

Having seen this shirt and loving the Ads lads as much as we do, we’re currently getting Charlie from Barmy Flags to make us up a massive ‘Adsum Ultras’ flag for taking on a trans-Atlantic away trip to watch them in action (and we’re going to hang it from that massive bridge on that photo there). Forza Adsum!

Big thanks to Pete and Christian at Adsumnyc for the photos.



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