Adsum Saratoga jacket

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As I gaze at this truly majestic piece of North American outerwear I can hear the oh so sweet tones of Carly Simon ringing in my ears, as she laments about her narcissistic lover and his extreme vanity… “Well I hear you went to Saratoga and your horse, naturally, won. Then you flew your Learjet up to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun” Imagine that though, winning on the gee-gees in New York and then doing one in your own private plane to watch the sun disappear? Personally if I was in that scenario I’d have made a pre-flight diversion to Brooklyn to pick up an Adsum Saratoga jacket to fully complete the full perfect day ingredients. Though you don’t have to have a Carly Simon song written about you to own one of these beauties, you just have to go to Oi Polloi and buy one here and yes this feature is¬†about you.


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