Arc’teryx SS19 at WCH

How do you pronounce Arc’teryx? Is it Arc’teryx or Arc’teryx? I don’t suppose it matters really does it? It’s all good as long as it helps to keep you warm/dry/alive whilst simultaneously looking like the king of the mountains. World renowned for their high performance technical outerwear Arc’teryx are an amazing Canadian company whose progressive designs are copied by all manner of different brands from their closest rivals to top tier fashion and streetwear labels. Always seeking to improve and evolve their gear is so good that they even have a specific range that they make for special military and police forces around the world. Whilst Working Class Heroes doesn’t have that many SWAT teams dropping in to buy a new jacket they do have an impressive selection of the new seasons range from Arc’teryx just waiting for you to take it on an adventure. An adventure, we hope that doesn’t involve you abseiling through any windows and ironing out loads of terrorists, unless of course that’s how you like to unwind.

Shop the Arc’teryx SS19 collection at Working Class Heroes here.


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