Aries and Umbro pair up for football-themed collab

It’s not coming home yet. You can put down that retro England shirt you paid well over the odds for, drop your flags down the back of the sofa until next year and get back to not really being that bothered about football.

Or maybe you are. I’m talking to you, the person who was swept away by the good feeling created by our diverse young heroes as they went further than they have since 1966. Football die-hards like me aren’t supposed to want you to like it too. But I’m not fussed really. Get involved. It’s here more than just every couple of years.

You don’t need to adopt a team or even commit to watching them on tv. You can instead indulge your newfound love of the beautiful game through this sort of thing. London-based Aries has combined with Umbro, a brand close to both our hearts and our HQ.

Born a stone’s throw from our Stockport/Manchester origins, Umbro is a brand which had become synonymous with England shirts from the early 80s until Nike muscled in almost a decade ago. Even prior to that, before Admiral shook things up for a decade, Umbro were at the forefront. If there is an English brand steeped in football culture more so than Umbro I’d like to see it.

Aries might not be a football team but this is 2021 and football isn’t just the preserve of the white working classes. There are some regrettable things about how things have changed in football culture but the fact a streetwear brand from Shoreditch can pair up with a football institution like Umbro isn’t one of them.

See more at Wellgosh.

See more at Wellgosh

I had pizza for tea.

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