Armor Lux Vareuse Jacket at Manifesto Clothing

Jacket, or no jacket. Nope, it’s not the name of Noel Edmonds’ new television show, although admittedly that would make for some pretty incredible viewing. No, I’m referring to that predicament when it’s a bit cold out, but not cold enough to reach for the winter warmer. In fact, it’s been a rather warm February hasn’t it. Half the time it’s hard to know what’s appropriate to wear. I’m no mystic meg, but I know exactly what you’ve been thinking… “if only I had a canvas smock with a drawstring mock neck”. Well shit. It’s your lucky day my friend.

Armor Lux continue to make the best smocks money can buy. The French brands homage to the coastal surroundings of Brittany continue to influence their aesthetics and designs. This loyalty to their nautical heritage is what makes them such a firm favourite in our office and around the world. The reinvented fisherman’s smock is about a simple as they come. 100% durable cotton canvas and a very handy velcro pouch pocket on the chest. This is bound to become a wardrobe staple.

The Armor Lux Vareuse Jacket is available at Manifesto Clothing, here.


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