ASICS Gel-Kayano Evo Trainer

The A6 is a road close to my heart, and indeed my house. The long, ancient thoroughfare is an artery which spans the length of my hometown of Stockport, from the dotted line where we meet ‘real’ Cheshire and the other dotted line, where we meet ‘real’ Manchester.

“A6” is also one of the ways you could choose to pronounce the brand Asics, whose recent, quiet resurgence has been noted with interest here at Proper HQ. Their most recent release is this shapeshifting shoe, which is so hard to pin down, there’s been much dispute over its actual name. For what it’s worth, it’s from the Chameleoid Pack, and you can grab a pair from Infinities. Maybe you could put them on and do a brisk 10k in them. Maybe that 10k could be the 6 or so miles that make up the Stockport tranche of the A6? See where I’m going?asics-gel-kayano-evo-trainer-gecko-green-guava-p110237-70368_image asics-gel-kayano-evo-trainer-gecko-green-guava-p110237-70367_image asics-gel-kayano-evo-trainer-gecko-green-guava-p110237-70366_image asics-gel-kayano-evo-trainer-gecko-green-guava-p110237-70365_image

I had pizza for tea.

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