Australian L’Alpina Drops New Collection

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Never been to Australia, me. It seems much too long on a plane, but what do I know? Sure, I’m into Neighbours and there’s barely a day goes by in the office where one of us doesn’t utter phrases like “rack off, ya mongrel” or “I’m going raging in yabee creek” or “fair dinkum”. Because that’s how we fill our days, we’re absolutely mad, us.

Mainly though, we look at and talk about clothes, especially brands with something to show off about. Australian is one such brand. Popular on the terraces a few years before my time, it faces that challenge of leveraging that heritage but not relying too much on it. In this collection, they might just have pulled it off. It’s contemporary yet classic and I’ve asked if they’ll send me one of the sweatshirts.

I’ll wear it while sharing a smoothie with Des and Daphne in Lassiters, I won’t really. Despite the name and everything I’ve just said about it, it’s made in Italy, which makes me like it even more.

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I had pizza for tea.

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