Battenwear Long Sleeve Polo T-Shirt

Mention the phrase “Can you dig it” and it’s likely to conjure up different images depending on where you are in the world.

Over the pond in NYC it’s fair to say this iconic movie scene is what’ll spring to mind. In my part of the world anyone of a certain age will only think of this. Despite Battenwear being based in the same neighbourhoods stalked by the Warriors and their foes, it’s the UK connotations that are more fitting.

If you’re into Mock Turtles, you can probably dig this.

Made from dead comfy cotton pique and yeah, the mock turtle neck is what I’ve focused on in my attempt to make some sort of point. The bottom line though, is this is an ideal everyday garment with which to combat the cold as you layer up against the elements. It’s a classic silhouette and in grey marl it’s understated and perhaps even distinguished. Put it this way, it’s less Mr Tumble and more Mr Autumnal.

Sound like you? Get hold of one quicksmart.

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