Battenwear SS14

28rgb_650HA HA HA HA HAAAA WIPEOUT!! is the over excited soundbite that instantly played on a loop in my mind after clocking the latest Spring/Summer collection from the sensational and surftastic Battenwear. If this gear does have you reaching for the sex wax and checking the swell (even if you live in a tower block in the midlands) then there’s something wrong with you. There’s a wealth of goodies bearing that brilliant Battenwear logo this season from the classic shell parka and new packable windstoppers to striking Hawaiian caps and a range of beach friendly bags not forgetting an immense 8 ounce heavyweight cotton , striped Rugby t-shirt. This is without a doubt Shinya’s and wife Carrie’s finest work to date which is no mean feat when you consider the ace stuff that they’ve already brought us. Coming to a very cool store near you soon…

team jacket 3_650



light shell parka poplin_650

the boatneck grey_650

25 rbg_650

cutter jac linen_650


weekend shirt photo print_650

good surfing 0_650



23 rgb_650

board shorts 2_650


camp cap 1_650

beach bucket 1_650

commuter bag 2_650

waist bag 2_650

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