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We’re heading into Christmas jumper territory, which unfortunately means your local city centre will be overflowing with groups of men in bad jeans and wacky knitwear. Like you, we wish them all the best but are happy to leave them to it.

No, our version of a festive jumper is slightly more subtle and a lot more refined than Thomas the Tank Engine/Santa eating a Greggs pasty/Merry Pissedmas efforts we’re about to be amused by.

Something for everyone basically, including you, the lad your mates call a misery guts because you’re not a fan of organised fun. For you, Christmas Jumpers aren’t just for Christmas. They’re for a League 2 away fixture in mid-February. And C.P. Company are here to help you make that statement quite forcefully.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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