Brain Dead pairs up for chairs with Modernica

Brain Dead really do like working with other people.

Following on from their collaboration with Rapha on mountain biking gear, they’ve pivoted somewhat effortlessly onto the next one, recently revealing a capsule with supercool furniture-making brand Modernica.

If these chairs are familiar to you, then read on. Modernica is known mainly for its iconic Fiberglass chairs conceived by Charles and Ray Eames back in 1948 as an entry to the MoMA International Design Competition. Staying faithful to that process today, all Modernica chairs are still made using the original presses and equipment bought from Zenith Plastics.

Modernica themselves aren’t shy of a collaboration, having allowed work from the likes of Haring, Basquiat to adorn their iconic chairs.

The Brain Dead set includes two Side Shell Eiffel Chairs and a side chair and you can get them now at Brain Dead.

Mark Smith

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