C.P. Company Dyneema Metropolis Jacket

Coinciding with an air of uncertainty each time it’s released, CP Company’s Metropolis jacket has marked a symbolic click towards change during both this century and the previous. Originally released in 1998 with the looming millennium in mind, the unique piece quickly became a cult favourite thanks to its natural flair for meeting the requirements of urban dimensions.

Remastered for 2020, when times are as unprecedented as ever, the new and improved CP Company Dyneema Metropolis jacket sports an outer that indicates its prepared to stride into the future. Constructed from high-performance Dyneema® fabric which boasts a strength-to-weight ratio that’s eight times that of industrial steel, this piece – which also has the ability to float on water – is immensely durable with superb weather-proofing and quick-drying properties.

With an integrated anti-smog face mask that also featured in the ‘98 rendition, this outerwear design delivers a distinct representation of the modern zeitgeist, fittingly finding its place within the brand’s reinstated Urban Protection line.

Additional details include double opening wind protection pockets, the signature Urban Protection series badge, full zip fastening with storm flap and an adjustable, face-framing hood. 

Find this iconic design live and direct at Aphrodite now.

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