CP Company La 500 Miglia with GORE-TEX Infinium

CP Company La 500 Miglia GORE-TEX Infinium Jacket extends the wealth of products from CP’s Component Dyed process. 

la miglia 500

When it comes to CP, there’s no better way to understand the brand than to look at the wealth of fabrics it produces. 

The La 500 Miglia uses both Gore-Tex Infinium and Light Chrome-Membrane, both in-house developments from CP’s dye department. Both materials are dyed before completing the construction of the jacket, with Infinium delivering expanded water-resistant and breathable effects from Gore-Tex technology, and LCM an upgraded and lighter tweak of CP’s Chrome with a waterproof polyurethane film. 

In terms of design, the La 500 Miglia keeps the iconic collar and hood together with a style pioneered by classic sailing jackets. The hood, as always, is adorned with CP’s trademark goggles, and the arm with the lens. 

Head to Pockets to scope it out. 

CP Company La 500 Miglia at Pockets.

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