C.P. Company Zip Chrome Overshirt

Whilst it’s fair to say that C.P. have been making consistently mind-blowing menswear for the past 4 decades, it feels like they’re having a particularly creative burst at the moment. Continuing to push the technological envelope their pioneering garment dyeing techniques sill lead the way as do their ever evolving range of fabrics. One of their latest developments is Chrome Re-Colour which encompasses a woven multifilament nylon fabric derived from the nylons used in military canvas fabrics. Developed specifically for garment dyeing the products really come to life when used with bright colours like this peach coloured piece of Overshirt perfection at Manifesto. An essential item for the keeping warm on long romantic walks along the beach whilst the sun goes down as well as making everyone in the beer garden know you’re the coolest/hardest person there.

Buy a C.P. Company Zip Chrome Overshirt from Mainfesto here.


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