Camping Accessories with Yeti

Have you noticed how the hottest pictures in the Instagram-tainted-outdoor world, as of recently, have been snaps of vistas with a mug in the foreground? I’ve seen Snow Peak mugs and And Wander mugs styled perfectly on the periphery of the horizon, held delicately and casually, suggesting an early morning’s brew or a congratulatory tipple at dusk. 

There’s many other ways to boost those pictures with accessories. One way is to have any of this multitude of camping accessories from Yeti, which includes chairs, coolboxes, dog bowls, mugs, and bottles. 

Get your dog to the top of the mountain, place a whole pack of Alpen bars (or dog-friendly alternative) in her Yeti bowl, wait for the sun’s rays to scatter through the clouds, and BANG: 200 likes on your Insta pic.

Shop Yeti at Wellgosh.

Yeti at Wellgosh.

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