CHAPMAN BAGS Made In England


In my expert humble opinion unlike jeans, jackets or shoes when it comes to owning bags you can actually have too many.

I mean any decent bag should last you at least half a lifetime so you should put at least a bit of thought into what you’ll be carrying your belongings around in for the foreseeable future shouldn’t you? Which brings us nicely to Proper favourites and Cumbrian legends Chapman, who started life back in the 1980s as a field sports company providing fishing bags and accessories to the local Borders community before word spread beyond Hadrian’s wall that this gear was a bit special. Now thirty years on their hand-crafted wares are highly coveted all around the world from Carlisle to Kyoto. Though their iconic fishing bag is still going strong their range has expanded to include rucksacks, ipad sleeves, briefcases, totes and women’s handbags. They even have a bespoke online design service where you can make your own bag too, how good is that? So don’t mess about when it comes to buying yourself a bag, forget about mass produced factory fodder and go for something traditional, hand crafted, high quality and made with natural materials. Bag yourself a Chapman beauty from HERE.











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