Classic Berghaus Colourblock

Berghaus has a reputation for excellent use of colour blocking. In fact, when Berghaus really spiralled to attention in the late ’80s and early ’90s, right at the height of various rave scenes, Berghaus’ colours were almost synonymous with partying – and specifically a Northern way of doing things. 

Colourblocking is about bold colours, often contrasting, positioned next to each other without a care in the world. Oranges, red, blues, purples. Berghaus’ logo is even two opposing colours, red and blue, stood to attention.  

Anyway, this new windbreaker from Berghaus is a bit more subtle but still commands the same idea. The colours, lavender and cascade, are lighter, but together become something bigger. 

Cop it at Terraces.

Berghaus at Terraces.

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