Cleansing 101 with ELEMIS


Have you washed your face today? I don’t mean looking up in the shower for ten seconds, I mean actually giving your coupon some loving attention with a decent cleanser. It’s all too easy when you’re dead busy/hard to forget about looking after your face despite still finding a significant amount of the time to decide on what colour socks you’re going to wear. If you’ve not ben looking after your face properly maybe you should get some quality cleansing products in for Christmas and make a clean start in the new year. Elemis are the makers of some of our favourite grooming products and when it comes to keeping your face clean you’re spoilt for choice with five different cleansers (all of which are unisex) that includes a smooth gel suitable for irritable skin, a super soft cream, a zing-y, citrus-y ‘milk’, an award-winning hydrating balm and a light fluffy foam in a smart metallic can that you can imagine everyone using on the International Space Station. So yeah, sort your face out for 2016 with Elemis and get cleansing.

Picture 1048
Picture 1048


00173 Pro-Collagen Cleansign Balm 105g HIGH RES JPG - RGB

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