Common People Spring/Summer Jackets

STORNOAWAY COAT 1Drawing inspiration from Summer holidays in Scotland and 1970s field trips it’s no surprise that ex-Cabourn cohort Kestin’s latest Common People collection features an array of jackets perfectly suited to the myriad types of random weather encountered on our sceptered isle during these ‘sunnier’ months. Fittingly they’re all made in the UK and featured here are: the Drymen, a classic four pocket field jacket fully lined in yellow Airtex to let a bit of air in when things do finally heat up, the Snowdonia is a minimalist/sleek take on the baseball jacket ideal for for the beer garden, the khaki Kendall jacket however would look equally at home examing wildlife in a rock pool or Blackpool whilst the Stornoway with its rounded corduroy collar and double placket helpfully designed to stop water coming in takes it’s inspiration from a 1950s sailor coat. Last but not least and based on their best selling London mac is the Windemere made from showerproof cotton/nylon memory fabric. So no excuse for not having a British holiday this year though I hear it rains quite a bit in Brazil too.


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