Common Projects New Season

Common Projects only set up shop in 2004, which is very impressive considering the huge following they’ve attracted since then. What they’ve done so well in that time is craft a series of unassuming low-profile sneakers which to those in the know are really anything but. This high-end Italian footwear brand has also spearheaded the recent wave of minimalist enthusiasm, with the Achilles model in-particular appearing as a tried-and-tested staple across blogs and social media. But there’s so much more on offer here.

New to this season is the ‘Four Hole Nubuck Sneaker’, based around a simple skate-style trainer. Also returning this year are the ‘B-Ball’, ‘2164 Track’, ‘New Track’ and of course firm favourite the ‘Achilles’. Crafted using the finest materials and featuring the iconic gold numbered branding on the heel, their shoes are admired for their versatility and unbelievable comfort.

Shop the Common Projects collection at The Hip Store or Peggs and Son.


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