CP Fleece Hat Wins the Winter Challenge

“Time to sort out your hat rotation” was the charge on our instagram post a few days ago, as we experience a peculiarly cold/hot winter that doesn’t seem to make any sense. One day it’s hailing, the next snowing, and then it’s 12 degrees. The world has gone topsy turvy. 

Importantly, then, you need a flexible hat that offers physical protection from the elements – rain, freak hail, snow – as well as from the cold. Hunter/trapper caps do that with excellence, as exemplified by Robin Williams, styling it with a dressing gown and cigar for that winter time nonchalance. 

CP’s fleece lined trapper is the perfect go to for winter, even offering poppers to secure the ears up for when you’re caught out in a mid afternoon December heatwave. 

Check it out at Pockets.

CP Company at Pockets. 

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