Edwin Sale @ Mainline Menswear

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The Japanese are master innovators. There’s so many things we can be thankful for… firstly, they produced the best games console of all time in the Nintendo 64. They revolutionised the way we listen to music with Sony’s Walkman. They introduced the world to anime, karaoke, the bullet train, Pokémon, the list is endless. But back in 1947 we began exporting a product the Japanese market wasn’t so accustom to. Something that wasn’t being manufactured anywhere across Japan… denim. So who you ask was responsible for this Japanese denim revolution? Mr Tsunemi, founder of Edwin.

Nowadays Japan create arguably the finest denim in the world. It seems anything we can do they can do better. Over the years, Edwin have cemented themselves as a benchmark in quality affordable denim with classic fits such as the ED-55 and ED-80, and more recently the slimmer ED-85. And outside of denim, they also make extremely underrated clothes. It just so happens the whole collection is on sale at Mainline Menswear. So that’s the history lesson over, go check it out.

Shop the Edwin sale at Mainline Menswear, here.


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