Elemis, Spruce up for Spring!

Now (clothing suggestions aside) far be it from us to tell you to smarten the-hell-up but if you do fancy spring-cleaning your sprightly/spotty physique then there really is no finer range of male grooming products than Elemis. Full of invigorating ingredients like spearmint, marjoram, nettles (yes nettles) and Marine phytoplankton their Sharp Shower gel and Energising Skin Scrub should both be part of you daily spring, sprucing schedule. You’ll thank us when you heroically emerge from your steamy shower chrysalis having cast aside your wintery grime and become a triumphant, gleaming, butterfly amongst men. Albeit a rock-hard butterfly that is proper nails and just because he looks great that doesn’t mean he can’t knock you spark out with one of his colourful wings, alright???

Get kitted out here:

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