Engineered Garments Carries the Baton

We’ve talked a lot about Daiki Suzuki recently. Firstly, we introduced him as a frame of reference for Oi Polloi’s recent stocking of S.K. Manor and then we similarly used him to break down Battenwear. Well, the man himself isn’t just useful to explain the designers he’s taught; he happens to run an OG label by the name of Engineered Garments. 

Engineered Garments carry the baton of Japanese aesthetics with American influences. These latter influences range from Ivy League to military to sportswear. Post-WWII, Japanese and American cultures fused into a beautiful harmony, which, in a way, is exactly what you’d like to hear happened after a war. Many brands have done it, Engineered Garments continues it. 

Operating under the Nepenthes New York banner, the brand is exceptionally utilitarian with the sort of subtle details that come alive as you wear the clothes. 

Wellgosh has just significantly improved their stocking of Engineered Garments, with items like the Cagoule Shirt, the Indigo Pouch and the Shawl Jacket. The pieces are minimalist yet highly detailed, with the classic Americano workwear fits. 

Check out the range of Engineered Garments at Wellgosh.

Engineered Garments at Wellgosh

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