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Teesforthree from everybody’s favourite at Peggs & Son, in an overly engineered pun which would have made miles more sense if the writer had got his arse in gear and written this in time for the Grand National. Regardless, reminiscent of early 90s James tour souvenir tees, check out these from Engineered Garments, available at Peggs & Son.

There are baggy vibes all over these. If you want, you can pretend those are lemons and enjoy their positioning as a nod to Ian Brown’s money across the shoulder tee in the Fool’s Gold video or, instead, you can go with what the makers intended them to be and enjoy the summertime connotations of simply sketched bicycle wheels.

If citric fruits/bikes aren’t your thing, check out the peace and love floral tee, that should remind you of making daisy chains and that souvenir James tee that Dad wore on all those camping holidays to France in the mid-90s. And finally, if you aren’t feeling the flower power, why not go for some Doves (seagulls) adorning your tee instead, nicely rounding off this extremely tenuous link between 90s Madchester bands and some top quality summer wears?

All include a chest pocket, premium 100% cotton and a subtle shawl collar detail.  As they’re only available via email (and probably telephone if you ask nicely), you know you won’t be bumping into anyone else wearing one.


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  1. FFS cheeky blighter P! I had both a James ‘flower’ & Roses ‘lemon’ tee.

    You’ve made me feel my age. You pig.

    Ace tees btw

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