Euro 2016 Nice Bit of Kit : Belgium

Having never really felt the need to embrace my vast football geekery on here, we’re jumping in with both feet lately, like a dead bad tackle by a Slovakian with a sensible haircut. We’ll make no mock-apology to avoid a red card though.

The boring stuff that football seems to exude can go and whistle, there’s plenty more actually interesting stuff to talk about. Like for example this guy‘s choice of scarf, or this absolutely amazing Belgium kit from 1984.

Speaking of the international version of the Red Devils, they’ve always had nice kits. There’s something about international kits that helps them stand apart from their club counterparts, mainly the lack of sponsor. Weird how money-obsessed FIFA are and yet they’re yet to sniff out the pound note in shirt sponsorship. Maybe there’s an ancient covenant that Bert Comeuppance inserted into the Corinthian Treaty of 1833 or something. I just made that up.

Anyway, football. Football shirts. Great aren’t they? I’m going to write words about them over the next few weeks because I do things like that now.

Perhaps I’m shooting my load too early though? Pulling the trigger prematurely? This Belgium effort looks nothing like its 1984 ancestor, but it’s still adidas and it’s still bloody lovely. Imagine that massive lad with all the hair who plays in midfield for them lolloping around in one of these kits, like a big brush.


Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to Adidas Production (6 licenses)

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to Adidas Production (6 licenses)


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