Euro 2016 Nice bit of Kit: Turkey

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Poland have done well. Croatia even better but Turkey have probably impressed the most out of all the Euro 2016 Nike kits. We’re definitely talking kits here not just shirts because for your Turks in France the ensemble is all. The designer who came up with the shirt/shorts colour merge (we’re saying merge) should lead the team out for every match.

Modelled on the Spider-Man costume worn in the movie with the lad who plays Q in James Bond and made from the same materials, it’s a clear front runner for kit of the tournament. Top 5 is surely guaranteed. Its appearance is mean, mysterious and bullet-proof. Bang on trend for France 2016.


If I ever wore football shirts I’d be tempted by this one. Problem is though that it doesn’t look half the shirt without the shorts but yer can’t wear matching shirt and shorts at my age (over 12) and if yer do yer might as well wear the socks as well but the only grown men who should be doing that are the lads that play football for Turkey.


The away shirt is another Nike classic, mirroring the home shirts design but in sky blue. Nike and the Turkish FA claim the checked pattern is on this shirt ‘takes influence from a visually de-coded drum pattern of Spring 27 from Daniel Avery’s seminal 2013 album ‘Drone Logic.’

The player issue shirts are made from tougher fabric than the replicas (a bit more like the Toby McGuire suits from SM3) and also contain a special inside pocket for the players to keep their cigs in.


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