EVISU Signature SS22 Celebrates the Brand’s Iconic History 

The Japanese seagull returns for EVISU Signature SS22.

evisu signature ss22

EVISU was founded in Osaka, Japan, back in 1991, which, when you place against the names of some of Japan’s denim legends, isn’t that long ago at all. But after thirty years, EVISU holds a place in the minds of everyone who thinks about Japanese denim. 

Originally named after Ebisu, the Japanese God of wealth and prosperity, EVISU has moved from a cult-like following in Japan to global prevalence. 

The SS22 Signature Collection celebrates iconic EVISU jeans, shapes and graphics with the signature seagull logo. 

At the beginning of EVISU’s story, they produced 14 pairs of jeans a day with a hand-painted kamome – seagull – on each pair. Eventually, a larger seagull, known as the daicock – named after Daikoku, the God of commerce – appeared, running the full length of the jean. 

While many Japanese denim producers, especially those of the Osaka Five, have all shaped the future of denim, it was EVISU that sparked a global desire for premium Japanese denim. 

The latest SS22 Signature Collection is now live on EVISU’s site. 

EVISU SS22 Signature Collection.

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