Favourite Fives : Andreas von der Heide

Remember a week or two back when we intro’d you to Les Deux from Copenhagen? Well, they make nice clothes, that much is true, but we thought we’d try and get under the skin of their main man via our tried and tested Favourite Fives. Here’s what Andreas von der Heide chose when we set him the task recently. 

Once you’re done with reading about how cool his life is, check out the clothing.

I have recently bought a beach house about an hour from Copenhagen. Renovations are now well underway so should (fingers crossed) be ready for summertime for me, my family and friends to enjoy. This place is my holy getaway, living in the city during the week and the countryside for the weekend is the perfect balance for me and my family. We can go swimming, spearfishing and I’ll take my time with cooking.

When we do leave Copenhagen in the summers it tends to be to Borgo Della Marmotta, just outside Florence, this is where I got married. Filipo, the owner and his family have become good friends of ours and we visit them every year- my Italian family.


When we first started Les Deux we were perceived as a “jersey brand”, now we cater for most categories and are stocked in more than 500 retail stores throughout the world. In the beginning I had lots of other brands in my wardrobe that I loved and wore but as Les Deux has grown, with many more styles and a great focus on quality I have changed most of my wardrobe to Les Deux pieces.

It’s impossible for me to have too many jumpers. I only have a few selected items from other brands however this Christmas I’m treating myself to a classic sweater from De Bonne Facture. Their quality on knitwear is amazing!

A couple of years ago I was introduced to ’Placido Domingo’, it was the night of my wedding at Borgo Della Marmotta surrounded by all my favourite people in the olive garden. My aunt held a speech from my father who passed away when I was two years old, and played ”Perhaps Love”. This band was my late father’s favourite music, he used to play it to me when I was just a baby. Hard to explain but it really affected me. I love listening to Placido Domingo whenever I’m in the car or when I need a quiet moment.

I was challenged to run a marathon which I kind of dreaded. I felt terrible after my first Marathon however after a couple of them I had caught the running bug and started using running as a getaway from busy everyday life.

I believe in challenging myself constantly and its good for me to be pushed and tested to reach new limits and goals. This is why I switched from running Marathons to training for the Ironman. The Ironman was exciting but I still wanted more!

After Ironman I was looking for a real challenge and found myself in the middle of the Sahara, 46 degrees, in running gear and a backpack weighing 14kg. I had been living in the desert for a couple of days running almost 120 km. I still had a 130 km to go but the freedom I felt can’t be described. I had nothing more than the absolute essentials- a bit of food and some camping gear. Pushing myself to the limit every day both physically and mentally, seeing the sunset every morning and sleeping under the stars at night was the most incredible experience.

Running started as a way of competing but turned in to my meditation.


Hanging with the family and friends in Copenhagen on late summer nights. Having a beer and the ’dish of the day’ at La Banchina, an old harbour house turned into a cafe/restaurant by the water of central Copenhagen. Sailing or cycling, going for a swim and some drinks for an easy and chilled night.

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I had pizza for tea.

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