Favourite Fives : Calum Gregory of Gander

Gander is a new kid on the block, clothing-wise. Though its well-received launch party showed community is key, the founder is a guy by the name of Calum Gregory. With the outdoor trend clearly here to stay for some time yet, brands like Gander, which work just as well on the pavements as they do in the peaks are finding favour.

Clothing is important, more specifically jackets. I just love different style jackets. A little short cropped number. Technical elements to it too. 

The Outdoors
Hiking and camping are my favourite things to do on the weekend. I have a converted transit van so taking that up to the lakes for the weekend is bliss. 

Nalgene bottle, we are literally joined at the hip. I take it everywhere. Stay hydrated, it’s essential. 

My iPad, drawing and design soothes me and relaxes me. Even just doodling helps wind down. I feel like I’ve got something done in the day if I’ve drawn up some designs or had a mess about on it. 

Something Else
Lip Balm is essential, I’m a sucker for it. Can’t be having dry lips, not a vibe. I have them everywhere. 

Photography by @georgeverinderr

Find out more about Gander at their website here.
They’re also worth a follow at @gandergandergander

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