Favourite Fives: Kestin Hare

Though the favourite five bar has been raised incredibly high via a plethora of wonderful contributors so far Common People founder Kestin Hare has just hit us with a truly phenomenal funf. His selection includes writing books with a certain Mr Cabourn as well as a mind-blowing bit of workwear though for me it’s his musical choice that has made me an even bigger fan of Kestin and his superb new label. Great name too isn’t it? Kestin Hare, Kestin Hare. The man’s a genius.


This book (The Ascent of Cabourn) reminds me of a time when I first started out as a designer working for Nigel Cabourn – the best training any young designer could have. Putting this book together was my training and what I still practice today. I  learnt about the history of vintage garments, how this could inspire you and a collection. I learnt about sourcing fabric, and specialist trims, recreating them from garments from the past. I also fell in love with British manufacturing and  locally sourced materials. I spent a long time  putting that book together with Nigel and it’s something I am really proud of.

cabournbook front


Item of clothing

I bought this Hercules workwear denim jacket from Doug Gunn (author of the vintage showroom book) many years ago when he had a small stall at Portobello Market. This is where we became friends; we used to meet and chat about rare vintage finds like Ursula jackets  for hours. He didn’t want to sell the Hercules to me but after a lot of persuasion he did.  In my opinion this piece is the ultimate vintage workwear garment, from the quintessential worker patch pockets with pen pocket detail to the snaps and rivets. It has inspired the design of a thousand garments.

denim jacket cut out


The illustrator Jason Brooks is now quite commercially established through his work on numerous dance compilation album covers. This man inspired me in my early college days to become obsessed with computer generated  illustration and what can be done with the Abobe softwear program Illustrator. Mr Brooks made a name for himself illustrating hot girls in vector form thanks to this softwear for his own portfolio and later cars and Virgin Atlantic ads. I taught myself illustrator during my early years at college when he first broke on to the scene. Illustrator allowed to create fashion illustrations and flat technical drawings just as I would have done on paper but with a  real clear professional look and feel. I use this program every day thanks to him, and it has helped me to design many garments!



Wish you were here – Pink Floyd. I have always loved this song. I love the crackled intro and I have  great memories of listening to this growing up. Then my wife and I both enjoyed listening to it together when we first met. I decided I was going to propose to her on a trip to Florence, and when she opened the hotel door and was wearing a “wish you were here” T-shirt, that was it, sealed and our first dance was chosen.


Something else

I’m fairly obsessed with Sergio Rodrigues’ designs, especially his Mole Chair. My wife met him in Rio a couple of years back and got a signed copy of his book for me. Let’s hope the AW13 sales are good so I can get our own Mole chair for the studio!

sergiobook molechair


  1. I have a pair of his mole chairs and the ottoman ,beautifully restored. They are for sale. I you have an interest please contact.The price will please you.

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