Favourite Fives: Robert Jungmann

One of my hikerdelic heroes Rob Jungmann the guy who kick-started  ‘out there’ outdoor label Manastash and more recently the equally fantastic Jungmaven label is on mission to get us all fully ‘hemped up’. As I’m sure we all probably already quite aware of the wonderful properties of hemp in it’s dried out form though we’re perhaps a little less clued up in regards to it’s equally miraculous properties when used to make clothing. As well as providing a really strong, high quality product, hemp is also as environmentally sound as it gets, growing incredibly quickly whilst requiring no horrible pesticides and therefore seriously reducing deforestation and pollution. Its Rob’s dream that we’ll all end up owning a piece of hemp clothing and to be honest when they look as good as Jungmaven’s gear, it shouldn’t take too long. Check out Rob’s favourite five then join the hemp gang by buying one of his hip and happening, hikerdelic hemp tees.

Item of clothing

Garmont Zenith Trail GTX Hiking shoes

I’m on my third pair of Garmont Zenith Trail GTX Hiking shoes. What can I say? When I find what I like I keep going back. Shoes are where it all began, starting with Nike waffle bottoms in the 70’s. Then Vans in the 80’s and Asics in the 90’s. Shoes take care of you from your toes to your knees to your noggin and I consider them one of my most sound investments. My shoes take me up mountains all over the world and they help me take care of myself. I simply love a good shoe.



Tool, Opiate

 I’m a pretty laid back guy so sometimes this one comes as a surprise. But it’s a great travel album! Makes me think of surf trips and skiing adventures. Perfect both for the drive and getting pumped up for some outdoor fun. It also has deeper meaning for me, too–a religious context that really hits home. It says to me “Don’t be the follower, be the change.” I’ve always had a problem with religious groups who say they’re better than the other guy, who praise a vengeful creator or profess eternal hell. This album (the title track in particular) calls them out; it exposes the insanity of fighting and blindly killing over “whose God is better.” Isn’t it obvious by now this is not the way humans should behave? Please, world, love one another for the sake of goodness; I hope it inspires more to lead by positive example. (And if nothing else, at the end of the day, it’s still just an incredible album for rocking out in the car!)


Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by Tom Robbins

Actually, I love all of his work. I read Cowgirls three times one rainy Costa Ricaseason in the Fall of ’04 and it really helped me put things in perspective at the time. With Bush in office and the Iraqwar dragging on, the world was seemingly falling apart. It was a period of reflection and Cowgirls helped me realize you can’t change everything, but you can change yourself; and when you do, everything around you looks clearer and more beautiful. I particularly dig the quotes in here like: “There are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for, and nothing worth killing for.” In fact, I encourage you to discover some more nuggets of his wisdom right here.


Van Gough: Wheat Field

The painting just breathes with life (well, especially when you’ve eaten mushrooms. Cough cough.). A group of friends and I met up in Amsterdam in ’96, had some tea in the early morning then wandered into the Museum for a whirlwind “trip within a trip” we’ll never forget. This piece in particular has stuck with me and it still has an impact when I see it.

Something else

Mal Pais, Costa Rica

Aaaah, Mal Pais. Everyone needs a place to get back to nature and tune in with the Earth. I find surfing in this magical place works for me. Early morning sessions from 6 – 9 a.m. are my favorite when I’m there. It sets me straight and I’m centered for weeks on end afterward. Interestingly enough, Mal Pais is Spanish for “badlands.” I’ve been going there for 10 years and, for me, it’s all been very, very good.


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