Favourite Fives: Takehiro Fujitsuka (a.k.a FUJI)

Fuji’s Favourite Five. How cool does that sound? It should be a TV show shouldn’t it? I’d watch it. Especially if each week Fuji picked out five of the most hikerdelic items he could find in a outdoors location, one episode he’s in Colorado, the next the Peak District, etc. I’m going to pitch it to BBC4. Anyway, as Manastash is one of our favourite brands we got their main man Takehiro Fujutsuka to tell us all abut his five favourite things and he didn’t let us down…

Item of Clothing

It may sounds a bit hyperbolic when I say this particular type of jacket has changed my life – but it is true. Since my early teens, I have been obsessed by MA-1 flight jackets while other boys were fascinated by Jeans.  I think this is one of the best-made jackets with really well thought out details. Each part is made for a specific reason or function in mind. In fact, learning about the reasons behind that functionality actually opened the door for my career in the fashion industry, and still inspires me from time to time when I am brainstorming for the next collection. I cannot help buying one whenever I find the one in good condition and in my size at vintage store or flea market.  I wear it to get to work.  I wear it when I ride my motorcycle.  I even play with it by sewing the patches on or putting on the pins and badges. I think I maybe have more MA-1 jackets than denim jeans in my closet!



These small Gumball charms are mostly from 1950-70’s, look very cheap, made cheap with plastic, celluloid, etc – and will have been pretty cheap to buy back in their day too. I can see the sense of humour and creativity behind the people who designed those pieces.  Once in a while, I pick out some of them from a big jar in which I store them and make necklaces to amuse myself. I’m also looking into buying a chain necklace.

Gumball Charm


As a huge fan of punk rock music and culture and lifestyle surrounding it, I could not resist buying Janette Beckman’s book “Made in UK: The Music of Attitude, 1977-1983” at a local music store the minute I saw it.  Each photograph in the book manages to perfectly captures a moment in time. I felt as if I were there watching my favourite bands like Clash, Ramones, Pogues, Rockats, Jam playing and chatting in front of me.  I love her photograph of the fans and people on the street too.  Everything looks so alive.  Luckily, I was able to work with her on a project outside of Manastash, and I am honoured to go out for dinner with her whenever I visit NY.  I’m so glad that I’m working in this industry!

Janette Beckman


Lost in the Supermarket is one of my favourite songs by The Clash that my friends and I listened to so many times when we were kids and I still do now.  There is no special reason, I just love this song so much.


Something Else

The hemp Canvas Skid Grip High has been designed with Converse under one of the collab programs for 20th Anniversary of Manastash brand.  Top is made with hemp canvas which is symbolic material of the brand, and the sole is of course the Converse’s signature Skid Grip sole. The homage to the skater of the late 80’s to early 90’s is the concept of this style.  With it’s padded ankle providing support for skating and bike riding.


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