Fera Launches an ode to Country Pubs for SS24

We first wrote about Fera a good while ago now. Look. See.

Anyway, as is the custom at this point in the calendar, brands are peppering us with press releases, talking about their new stuff, its underlying concept and throwing a few jpegs at us for good measure. We’d share everything we’re into if there were enough hours in the day but sadly, 24 is all we have. With that in mind we’ve slept on this a little from when the guys at Fera got in touch, but with a clearer schedule/head we’re now able to give it the attention it deserves.

Entitled “Extra Strong”, Fera’s SS24 range is an ode to British living and Country Pubs all in one – a season built around elevated staples in their finest form. So many good ideas come from that most British of pastimes – sitting in a pub drinking. This collection celebrates the platform given to creativity by the traditional pub. For any brand with the outdoors at its core, the pub plays a key role as a refreshing refuge following an arduous hike. With this new Extra Strong drop, Fera are doffing their cap to this valuable institution, via the gift of some really nice clothing.

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