Feyenoord 2017/18 away jersey by adidas

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Looking like something designed by a Maoam-addicted, ADHD-afflicted 12 year old with a primary-colourless bag of felt pens, the new Feyenoord away shirt is actually inspired by their current club captain Dirk Kuyt. Two hundred Feyenoord ultras were asked to record themselves saying the words ‘Dirk Kuyt’ whilst they took a shite. The recordings were then rendered as visible soundwaves, similar to the process used to create the cover of Closer by Joy Division and then rendered onto climacool fabric to produce the pattern.

The colours take inspiration from the pavements of Rotterdam the morning after ‘Hollandse Nieuwe Haring Dag’, which is the day Rotterdammer’s over-indulge in eating the traditional dish of Raw Herring, onions and gherkins. In a funny and coincidental twist, when he was a child Dirk Kuyt once ate 30 helpings of Raw herring in one go, which is why his face looks that way. In another coincidental twist, Dirk loves wearing his Joy Division t-shirt, though he admits he has never heard of them and just needed another t-shirt for when his Ramones one is in the wash.





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