Anyone else damp? It’s miserable outside and I really could’ve done with this trusty companion on my way to work this morning. I’m wet, I’m cold and the way my clothes are sticking to my body is reminiscent of Arjen Robben’s football shirt, only I’m not a professional athlete and I don’t have a six-pack making it substantially less impressive. I guess it’s not long now until the hyperthermia sets in. If this is my final post then I want to go out with this important message; don’t be like me. Be smart. Keep dry and buy this jacket.

This Ovik jacket from Fjallraven is not only heavily padded for that extra bit of warmth, but it’s also fitted with supreme microloft stretch providing increased movement. Perfect for sprinting to catch the bus, fighting crime, yoga, all the normal stuff. The G-1000 eco fabric outer is, as expected, far superior to the G-999 (insert winking face emoji here). Jokes aside, this is a hardwearing waxed fabric, perfect for braving the elements. Other nice features include fleece lined pockets and the textbook Fjallraven logo on the arm.

The Fjallraven Ovik jacket is available now from Yards Store, here.

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