Fjällräven SS19 at Aphrodite

Storm Gareth? Seriously? Are you having a laugh mate? You’ve called a storm Gareth? What next, Hurricane Dwayne? Well whatever his name is, there’s no getting away from the fact that we’re getting blown all over the show by this storm today.  Which gives us the perfect excuse to go out and by some technical clothing that’s designed to keep us nice and warm whilst also making us look incredibly cool. Swedish brand Fjällräven are perfect for this kind of weather as their breathable yet waterproof products make for substantial yet lightweight products that keep the wind and rain at bay without you getting a serious sweat on.  Particularly suitable for facing Gareth are the orange high coast jacket that can be stashed away and whipped out when it gets blustery and this new version of the Greenland jacket in green made from the brand’s signature G-1000 material. Now lets all keep our eyes peeled for Terry the Tornado…

Show the Fjällräven SS19 at Aphrodite here.


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