Fred Perry Match Up With Oi Polloi

Well, isn’t this right up our street? I mean, it literally is just up the street from where we sit but that’s not what I mean. Fred Perry is a source of pride for those of us who dwell in the sizeable yet often overlooked town of Stockport. Basking in the glow of Manchester for many years, it fit neatly into the pocket of its bigger neighbour and its musical/sporting heritage.

One thing Manchester has never been able to make a racket about though is tennis. Fred Perry was the original sports star, born in Portwood just to the east of Stockport town centre, his story is well documented. With the founders of Oi Polloi having both grown up with SK postcodes (one in Tameside, tbf but still) it’s understandable that Fred Perry would sit comfortably on their radar.

It’s also pleasing to see that the recent opening of a flagship store just a tennis serve away from Oi Polloi isn’t weakening the relationship between this pair. Rather than competing, they’ve actually just had a game of mixed doubles.

The colour palette you see on this tremendous towelling fabric recalls the days when Fred himself was not only serving up the goods on the court, but also enjoying the fame and fortune this afforded him. The old-world feel is deliberate and perfectly pitches Fred Perry between his life as a sportsman and his post-tennis days. Back then tennis was a mere amateur sport so although his sporting excellence opened doors, his personality was when got him his own set of keys. Married four times and the companion of a few more actresses besides, he definitely knew how to enjoy himself.

The brand which grew out of his name has taken on a life of its own, finding favour with numerous subcultures and remaining relevant through the peaks and troughs of trends.

This gear isn’t available to buy until 00:01 on Thursday 29th July, but forearmed is forewarned.

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