Garbstore Rydal Weekend Parka

Call me premature (my Mrs does*) but I’m already scratching around the web for a nice lightweight coat to wear when it stops pissing down and blowing a gale, but not to the point where we can all wander about with our tops off.

While eating last night’s pizza I happened upon this weird, wonderful and weird (again) parka from Garbstore.

If I had to sum up what appeals about this piece of other-worldly outerwear I think I’d end up suggesting it’s like something a futuristic pipe smoker would wear. Or maybe something your Great Grandad would favour if him from Back to the Future turned up in a Delorean and said “Come on you, we’re going to 2015 for a bit”.

Both of these scenarios don’t really exist. A futuristic pipe smoker? Someone must have sneaked some special mushrooms into my pizza. Maybe that’s why I like this mad parka.

See more at The Great Divide.

* she doesn’t. I don’t think.

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