GH Bass at Mainline Menswear

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Firm favourite of movie stars, musicians, even presidents, GH Bass continues to stride to meet a simple goal. In their own words; to provide footwear for the most industrious feet. I don’t actually own a pair… which started to make that statement feel like an insult. So I googled ‘industrious’ to help myself meet this criteria. I discovered its defined as ‘diligent and hard-working’ but I can’t tell you much more than that because afterwards I got distracted, watched Youtube videos for a few hours and went home early.

The quintessential GH Bass design is the famous ‘Weejuns’ loafer. Sure, it’s an opinion divider. But GH Bass don’t only make shoes for moonwalking or jazz cafes. They also make some really really nice boots. But regardless of which shoe you’re into – they’re all on sale! Happy days.

GH Bass are on sale at Mainline Menswear, here.

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