Goldwin Launches Re-Optimum series

The world in 2023 can be a place with an overwhelming sense of foreboding for those of advancing years. Whether it’s football with its heatmaps, xG and low block, algorithm-fuelled content feeds, clickbait, or an evolving vocabulary spoken in what is increasingly becoming described as a ‘YouTube accent’, evolution waits for no man. And largely, it’s obviously a good thing. Who wants to stay stuck, with no advancement of technology or improvement in the quality of our lives? If we didn’t have that progressive gene in all of us, we’d all still be grunting at each other and walking around in loincloths.

The message that popped into my inbox yesterday from Goldwin was very much in the mould of that slightly unsettling “what’s this now?” feel. We all know they make nice coats and do a very good offering of trousers, but yesterday they came at me talking about “passive rest”, “re-optimum” and “KODENSHI fibre”. It meant I had to read more and find out what it’s all about. This wasn’t just the usual “clothes available now” press release.

Having digested it, basically, they’ve released a range of technical apparel that is made for everyday wear. The idea is to regulate the temperature of the wearer consistent, no matter what they’re getting up to. That’s a lot more important than it sounds, as a drop of even 1% in body temperature sets off all sorts of inbuilt alarm bells, with the immune system ceasing to work quite as well as it should.

The high-performance KODENSHI fibres are employed here with an eye on the concept of the aforementioned passive rest. That makes this gear the ideal stuff to wear while recovering from post-gym fatigue or just generally relaxing indoors. It’s progressive loungewear for people who like pushing the limits of both their body and the clothing they adorn it with. It’s a subtle evolution of the type of clothing we all wear when chilling out.

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