Grind London SS18 ‘Wellness’

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I just asked Grind London what their latest collection is all about and this was their reply. WELLNESS IS THE GOAL, THE GAME, THE CHAMPIONSHIP, THE POST-SEASON EXCESS, THE PRE-SEASON CALM. IN A WORLD OF UNWELL ACTS, AIM TO BE WELL. Which you can’t really argue with can you? Even if they should have turned caps lock off. I personally enjoy being well as much as the next man, if not more so. The football talk in that statement is also evident in the SS18 collection featuring as it does a plethora of pitch friendly products. Though given Grind’s ‘road ready’ reputation this gear would be more suited to a kick-about down the precinct or outside the flats. Either way, whatever you do, make sure you look after yourself yeah?

Check out the collection and Grinds Well cool website here.


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