Hanon Cyrus Shorts

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Weirdly it looks like this hot weather is here to stay, so it’s probably time to invest in a pair of ‘proper shorts’. There’s nothing wrong with wearing swimming shorts down the park or round the shops but when it comes to your bare legs being fully accepted down the pub or at work then really they need to be paired up with a something made in Portugal from 100% cotton twill. These Cyrus shorts from Hanon being a prime example of the acceptable way to get your legs out in polite company without anyone thinking you’ve wandered in from a quick game of five-a-side somewhere. Available in a suitably Aberdonian Monument grey as well as black and an equally appropriate Nougat colour they also featuring Hanon’s flame logo subtly embroidered about the back pocket as well as a concealed side pocket that could come in handy now it’s festival time *winks*

Buy a pair of Cyrus shorts from Hanon here.


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